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What Are The Top Five Home Décor Trends For 2023?


If you’re ready to give your home a brand-new look, you may be wondering which trends are likely to emerge as top contenders in the months to come. At Properly we love a trend and we have been doing some research into the top five looks that are going to be hot.

1. Using Sustainable Materials

We’re all trying to be more eco-friendly these days, and that’s extending into our home décor too. Bamboo, rattan, linen, and cane are popular materials for interiors right now, but aluminium and cork are going to be the hottest looks of all. Cork’s natural brown shade adds an earthy, grounding feel to any space, and thanks to its rugged appearance, it also adds warmth, cosiness, and texture. Aluminium, on the other hand, is able to be recycled repeatedly, so it’s an extremely environmentally-friendly metal. When paired with cork, aluminium can create a modern, stylish look that’s perfect for your home.

2. Embracing Imperfections

Leading on from the sustainable materials trend, there is also set to be a drive towards embracing flaws and imperfections. Preloved materials are often slightly damaged, while items made from natural materials like wood have knots, uneven textures, and shade differences. Choosing items that have these naturally-occurring flaws will be a popular choice, with uniform prints and flawless surfaces being out of favour.

3. Layered Lights

After colour, lighting is your home’s second most vital design element, and the latest trend will take the shape of layered lighting. When lighting is layered, the space appears warmer and cosier, and, of course, it also opens up the potential to experiment with different exciting lighting designs. Floor lamps can be used to create linear lines that demarcate separate areas or zones by style and function, while oversized pendants can add drama and style to any space. Meanwhile, illuminated pockets of wall lighting will draw the eye and bring instant softness and shadow to a room.

4. Primary Colours

Over the past few years, the world has been through a tough time, so it isn’t surprising that we’re all keen to be playful when it comes to our homes. Having fun has never been more important, and in the world of home décor, bold shades have become more and more prominent. There will be a move towards primary colour pops as accents and accessories around the home. Blue, yellow, and red are three unapologetically loud, high-saturation colours that bring playful charm to any space and energise its occupants.

5. The French Country Feel

When it comes to bedrooms, there will be a shift towards a palette that is softer and more neutral, and French country décor is set to be a top feature. Steering clear of bold colours in the bedroom as well as loud prints with colour accents in favour of airy and light shades will help you relax more easily when you retire for the night.

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