January 24, 2024 | Mariel Roe



As we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of love, in the comfort of our home, it’s a beautiful opportunity to create a unique atmosphere and make the most of the occasion.

Nobody wants a romantic meal for two punctuated with the sound of a dripping tap as background music or retiring to the bedroom only to be met with piles of laundry and lighting that is far from atmospheric.

There’s still time to show your home some love and fix all those niggly little issues so that you can relax and enjoy a chilled few hours at home with your loved ones.

Here’s how you can show your home some love this Valentine’s

Complete the small jobs you’ve been putting off

It might be that dripping tap in the kitchen or an annoying carpet stain. Maybe you’ve been meaning to replace the light in the oven or fix a broken door handle. Gather your tools and dedicate a morning to examining your home and fixing these minor problems – honestly, you will feel much more relaxed once they are completed.

Restore your kitchen cabinets

We all know the astronomical costs of replacing an entire kitchen. However, there are many inexpensive tricks you can do yourself to give your kitchen a new lease of life this Valentine’s Day. Simply painting the cupboard doors or replacing the handles can dramatically impact and improve and update the look of your kitchen.

Add some floral influences

We all know that nothing says love quite like flowers. Floral arrangements are a swift way to give your home a facelift and smell nice. Fresh flowers can lift your mood and make your home look welcoming. Spend some time considering the tone and colours that match your rooms, finding bouquets to tie your home together.

Freshen up

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning, but why not show your home some love right now with a thorough, deep clean? Scrub the windows, hire a carpet cleaner and give the insides of drawers and cupboards some serious TLC.

Organise your wardrobe

What will you wear on Valentine’s Day? How will you choose if you can’t see your outfits because they are all thrown in your wardrobe? Having a ruthless declutter of your clothes and shoes will make your bedroom feel lighter and enable you to access your favourite items easily. And while you’re at it, switch old, tired hangers for good-quality wooden ones.

Upgrade your door handles

Updating door handles is a fun way to refresh your home. Door handles can be picked up on second-hand sites for a fraction of the cost of new ones and are a great way to inject personality into your home. Choose colourful or quirky designs for that bespoke touch.

Add greenery indoors

February not only brings us Valentine’s Day but signals that spring is on the horizon. Get your home ready for spring by adding fantastic houseplants and improving air quality.

Love your garden

Refreshing your garden might involve a much-needed mow of the lawn following the depths of winter months. Alternatively, it might mean de-weeding the patio or planting bulbs that will flourish over the coming weeks. Strategically hang some fairy lights. Hence, they are visible through your windows to bring more sparkle to your Valentine’s Day, too!

Rearrange your furniture

If you lack the funds, time, or inclination for a complete refurb or redecoration, spend some time rearranging your furniture. Especially in your main living space, rearranging your items can have a dramatic impact and can make a room instantly appear cosier and more welcoming. Make some time to restyle your shelves, too. Reordering your photos, ornaments, and books can freshen up the room.

Use paint creatively

This doesn’t mean you must repaint your whole home—quite the opposite. Using paint thoughtfully and strategically throughout your property can give your house a modern and stylish twist, requiring minimal effort.

Consider your mood lighting

Mood lighting can make or break a room. Filling a space with a selection of floor and table lamps allows you to manipulate a room’s light and ambience. Perfect for that romantic Valentine’s night!

Happy Valentine’s from all of us at Properly.

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