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How to Add Sparkle to Your Christmas Dining Table


Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle at Christmas time? And don’t we all need some glamour in our lives right now?

Oh, yes, we do! Here at Properly, we love Christmas and look forward to it, especially this year. Aren’t you?

We knew it. We knew you were! So, it’s time to think about adding sparkle to your dining room in time for Christmas Day.

You can add a touch of glamour and a dash of style for little cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are our five top tips on how to add sparkle to your dining table this Christmas.


There’s no point making your dining table delicious if the rest of the room looks like a dog’s dinner. You may well have set place settings, draped ribbons, and placed Holly and berries and have it looking beautiful, but if you have to step over discarded toys or waltz around the ironing board and laundry, that’s no good. Declutter and remove anything that doesn’t go with your theme and colours for Christmas.

Top Tip: Consider if you need everything on display or if some could be packed away or given to charity shops. Consider if you’re using the space to its best all year round.

2. White Christmas

We don’t often get snow at Christmas, but it’s synonymous with the festive period. This might be a great time to create a lovely winter wonderland in your dining room – white cushions or table runners, candles in white holders, plates and bowls, and white-handled crockery. You might want to add light-blue glassware or faux fur throws over the back of a chair.

Top Tip: This does not have to be expensive. You’re creating a dining setting, so think about what you already own and could use. Add a sprinkle of gold glitter on the table to give a dash of colour.


Here’s another low-cost idea. Bring the landscape to your dining table. You have a lovely little scene: a sprig of holly and a couple of twigs tied with a red ribbon.

Pine cones can also be collected and used in a display, and you could sprinkle them with glitter or a gold spray that you can buy in the supermarket or DIY store.

Top Tip: If you collect a couple of twigs or cones, they can go straight into the compost or garden waste bin after Christmas. You won’t have to buy any more plastic, and it’s environmentally friendly.


So your table looks good but a little plain? Accessorise. It’s so simple.

Little strings of lights, battery-operated, can be stretched across the table. Crackers can be placed next to plates. Holly twigs can bring a touch of green and red to the table. Wooden ornaments can be arranged – if you’ve got room, create a village scene. A Poinsettia plant is associated with Christmas so you could place one as a focal point. If you have red bead strings for your tree, you could use them on the table. Sequins and glitter will also help to set the scene.

Top Tip: If you love how you’ve accessorised, take a picture and keep it safe so you can recreate your table next year.


Lighting is essential to making your room sparkle! You might have a “big light”, but how about using table lights to create more atmosphere or using candles in gold holders for a touch of style?

Top Tip: If you’re using candles, please be careful! Don’t place anything near them that could fall into the flame and cause a fire. Be sensible.

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