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Most people wanting to sell their property focus on preparing the interior – which makes perfect sense! But are there garden improvements that add value to your home?

Yes! You should also look at what your garden offers a potential buyer. More of us are spending time at home, both working remotely and enjoying our gardens at weekends and downtimes, so we appreciate the outdoor space.

But what garden improvements add value to your property?

At Properly, we want to take a step outdoors with you and share our best garden improvement tips so that you can action them immediately and prepare your garden for viewers.

These tips won’t necessarily add monetary value to your home but will make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

First of all, fix things. You know that rotten fence panel you’ve meant to sort for a while now? Get it done. That outside tap with a slight leak? Sort it out.

And as for that cracked paving slab on the patio right by the back door? Come on, do it now – or get someone in to look at it.

Seriously, your garden is important and must look good. If viewers see a messy, overgrown garden, they may have difficulty seeing past the weeds and miss the potential. They’ll envision hard work to transform it, and some buyers don’t want this hassle. An untidy garden doesn’t give a good impression and can make people wonder how well you have looked after the rest of your home. These are the small garden improvements that add value to your home.

With more people working remotely from home, one of the pitfalls is finding a balance between work and home life.

The easiest way to separate the two is to separate the two! A garden office provides that distance to lock yourself away and work without home life getting in the way. You can also step out of your garden office at the end of the working day, lock up, and then go home just as you would from an office in any other location.

The cost of installation (and quality) will vary, so if you plan to add a garden structure, you’ll need to do your homework.

When the summer sun hits the sky, we all love being outside. Dining al fresco is something to cherish. Imagine a lovely breakfast on the patio, afternoon coffee on the deck, or a BBQ with friends as the sun sets.

A beautifully maintained garden patio or decked area will greatly enhance your property’s appeal to prospective buyers. If you have garden furniture, arrange it so that people can picture themselves sitting out and enjoying the garden.

Adding value to your garden means making it more appealing. Use lighting to lift darker areas. Add small solar lights to light up pathways or a net of twinkling stars woven over a tree’s lower branches. Add a fixed, electric light for cosmetic purposes or security. It entirely depends on your budget.

What is certain is that good lighting use will benefit you when selling the property and is an easy garden improvement that adds value to your home.

Eating at home rather than eating out is more popular than ever, so it’s not surprising that you can purchase a huge range of items to enhance the experience. For example, you could build a bar area or add a pizza oven!

Potential buyers will love that you have been creative. These things won’t add value to your home, but you make your property stand out.

When you think of your garden, also think of how your garden and your house work together. For example, how do you exit the house to enter the garden? Could you add bi-fold doors to the property? This will be relatively costly, but the impact means you are more likely to add real value.

When thinking about garden improvements, you can think big, but you should also think small. You could undertake significant building work or ensure the small things are done well.

Whatever you do or are thinking of doing, ask us for our opinion, and we will gladly share our advice and expertise.

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