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5 Steps to Building Your Own Home in London


Have you ever dreamed of building your own home in London? Being able to plan, design and achieve a home that truly suits your needs with no compromises?

A self-build home refers to a single property commissioned by an individual, built to their bespoke specifications.

Millions of people in the UK dream of designing and building their property, but only a handful ever follow through with this ambition, with less than 10% of homes in the UK being self-build properties.

But you could make it a reality, starting with the five core steps involved in any self-build journey. These steps are an overview of what to expect, but of course, all builds are different and there are many factors involved. As local land specialists, we can advise you so please do call us on 0207 459 4400 to take advantage of our expertise.

Step 1: Research and Budget

Thoroughly researching the specific area and style of home is essential before you begin enquiring about any land. Detailed research will also help you put together a realistic budget.

A 10% contingency budget is also recommended to account for any unexpected costs.

Step 2: Find A Plot in London

The best advice for those searching for a plot of land in London is to keep an open mind. Consider a range of sizes and locations at different price points to allow you to evaluate accurately. Notably, stamp duty is payable only on the cost of the land, rather than the value of what will be built upon it.

Land databases, estate agents, and auctions are great places to start searching for the perfect plot of land. Call us on 0207 459 4400 for immediate help with your requirements.

Step 3: Choose Your Team

A self-build home project is likely to be the most considerable expense you will ever undertake; therefore, employing the right team is essential.

Your first team member will likely be your architect. Architects are costly, yet their knowledge is invaluable. Investigate the architects of the builds you admire, and word of mouth is generally the best way to find reliable workers.

Your architect, especially if local to the build, will be able to recommend the best team. Having a solid group of tradespeople will make for the smoothest self-build. Remember to have comprehensive insurance in place before any work commences.

Step 4: Prepare the Plot and Begin Building

Many steps may need to be taken before the building process can commence. This might include getting electricity and water to the plot. Additionally, for remote builds, a road may need to be created leading to the site.

Moreover, vegetation may need to be removed, and the ground will likely need to be levelled. These factors can all dramatically alter the timeline of your build.

Step 5: Finalise and Enjoy!

The final and most enjoyable step includes completing your home and watching your vision come to life. Decorating and furnishing the property will help tie the elements together, creating a beautiful and functional space perfect for your family.

Don’t forget to claim back your VAT and obtain your completion certificate.

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