Letting a property

Are you thinking of letting out your property? Unsure about how to do it properly? Here is our quick guide.

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  1. Step 1Getting started

    Everyone’s situation is different. You might be emigrating, moving to a new property or have an existing tenant. The first step is to talk to one or two agents to assess the best time to get started. It is important that you do not start too early – or too late.

  2. Step 2Knowing where you stand

    Invite a few agents over to take a look and provide you with a free, no obligation marketing recommendation. It is important that you pick your agent carefully. You may have a tight timescale, but time spent now will serve you well later. Which agent will do the best job? How much do they sell or let in your area? With who did you establish the best rapport?

  3. Step 3What works best for you

    There are different types of services available when letting your property – ranging from let only to full management. These can also very according to the agent, so this is worth considering before choosing who to instruct. In short – the more hands you are prepared to be the lower the fee.  However, this can come at the expense of your own time, with potential for added stress whilst managing your tenant and ensuring you remain compliant.

  4. Step 4Going on the market

    To make sure your property has the biggest possible impact when we start marketing, it is crucial that it looks at its absolute best, especially for the photographers visit. Quality photos and marketing images are vital, poor ones can lead to potential clients declining to view. This is also true for the presentation of the property for viewings – the better it looks, the more interest we will have and in all probability, the quicker it will let and the higher the price we may achieve.

  5. Step 5Agreeing your tenancy

    At this stage you need to know all the relevant details about the prospective tenant and tenancy, to enable you to make an informed decision. Things to ask include; Who is the tenant? How long would they like to live in your property? Are they requesting a break clause after a certain time? What furniture would they like, if any? Do they have pets or smoke? Who exactly will be living in the property? As this is often more than just the named tenant.
    If the offer is not quite what you are looking for, then ask your agent to negotiate for you. A good agent will always do this, rather than simply recommending you accept the first offer. This may not always result in an increased offer but is always worth a try.

  6. Step 6Onwards and upwards

    Depending on the service you have asked your agent to provide, you may have more or less to do during the tenancy. Most agents will get in touch within three months or so of the end of the tenancy to discuss any potential renewal.

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