Moving to the Country? Pros and Cons of Living Rurally

Moving out of London to the countryside is a big decision. It can mean you have less access to work and entertainment complexes, but it can also lead to a slower pace of living where you are more in touch with nature. If you’re thinking about moving to the country, here is our list of […]

How to Prepare Your Garden This Winter

Are you selling your home over winter? Just because mowing season has come to an end, that doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its appeal during the colder months. Here are four tips on how to prepare your garden in your home for winter to keep it looking fabulous over Christmas and into the […]

3 Tips to Make Your Garden Bee-Friendly

If you’ve been reading the news or watching the amazing legend that is David Attenborough, you’ve probably heard that it’s getting harder for bees to survive in our UK cities. Just like humans, there are three main things bees need to thrive: food (i.e., pollen), water and shelter. Unfortunately, our gardens aren’t always full of […]

Summerhouse Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Garden Room

Summerhouses, or garden rooms, are purpose-built wooden structures that generally have felt or tiled roofs. They are becoming a staple of the modern British home, enabling us to get the most from our garden spaces. Summerhouses can be used for many different purposes, from offices to playrooms to cocktail bars. The beauty of summerhouses is […]

Investing in your outdoor space is an investment in your wellbeing

Be it a windowsill, balcony, or garden – make a big deal out of your small space The recent weeks have really created a stark contrast between those with gardens and those without; between those living in urban areas and those within walking distance of more rural spaces. We have all been united by our […]